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Benka unshield & shielded Control Cable

 BENKA control and power cable, particularly suitable in industrial environments: Power station,

machine engineering, plant engineering and construction.
Indoor installation in dry or damp conditions, both for fixed and moving laying. The cable can be
used in cable trays conduit or direct burial application. Outdoor use with UV protection only,
considering the temperature range.
With screening of tinned copper wire braiding, can be used in EMC environments.


Conductor: Flexible Class 5 bare copper wire to IEC 60228
Insulation: PVC
Stranding: Core stranded in layers
Shield (if any): Tinned copper wire braiding
Outer sheath: PVC Grey (Black for outdoor with UV resistant)
Technical Data
Working Voltage: 300/500V
Test Voltage: 2000V
Rated Temperature: -20oC to +70oC
Insulation resistance: > 10 Mohm x km
Flame Retardant: In accordance to IEC 60332-1
Standard & Approval: ROHS
Minimum bending radius: Fixed: 9 x OD; Flexing: 18 x OD
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